Khan Bahadur Foundation works for the betterment of the underprivileged. It has established a girls’ college in Bashkhali, a polytechnic institute and a nursing school especially for women empowerment.

KB Foods Ltd - Under the brand name "KB Foods", a wide variety of food items are distributed in Bangladesh.

Mahtab Corporation specializes in facilitating and executing Govt. to Govt. contracts and also conducts various International Projects funded by World Bank, Korean Exim Bank etc.

SBARRO - The group is the master franchisee for SBARRO, America's favorite Pizza, a New York style pizzeria that has more than 800 operations around the globe.

Shah Makhdum Modern Rice Mills is the first rice mill in Bangladesh to store paddy in moisture-controlled silos. The mill produces 200 tons of KB Rice daily and distributes all over the country to feed millions of people.

Rahima Agro is the origin of Khan Bahadur Group. This company cultivates shrimps and salt in vast area of land which has been in possession of this group since the British regime.

Amanat Marine Works owns two several oil tankers that transport a variety of fuel domestically.

Reza Cold Storage is a state-of-the-art facility in Rajshahi that stores up to 10000 MT best quality potatoes from South East Asia Region.

Executive Inn is a business boutique hotel in the prime area of Gulshan specifically built to cater to business travelers.

Mikhael Engineering & Construction Ltd. has experience doing construction for the Bangladesh navy as well as working on projects funded by World Bank and Korean Exim Bank.



Khan Bahadur Group is one of the fastest growing conglomerates in Bangladesh. Known for pioneering new business modules such as diverting consumers to smaller packs of rice with “KB Foods” from traditional bulky bags to opening 8 Sbarro locations all at once on the same time same day or setting up a service which specifically caters to international companies to facilitate big government projects or G2Gs; it is determined to lead Bangladesh into the 21st century as a developed nation.


Khan Bahadur Group is dedicated in its vision to take Bangladesh to newer heights internationally. We take great pride in delivering consistent quality in all our products and services. Throughout all our ventures, be it Agriculture to FMCG to Construction, our promise stays true.

Join us in our journey towards building a better future for the people of our country.



Agriculture lies at the very core of Khan Bahadur Group, with our earliest footsteps into the industrial world coming from such. 80 years of invaluable experience has helped us to become one of the leading suppliers of agricultural products in Bangladesh.

All of our products/produce are grown through environmentally friendly processes, using well established best practices and methodologies.



Strenght in engineering and construction is key to development of an economy. As one of the building blocks of a society, assurance in safety and integrity is our promise towards the people we serve.

Our experience in construction and engineering is vast; ranging from large-scale government projects to commercial development.



We believe that international trade and partnerships are key towards economic growth and globalization. We have facilitated several government-to-government projects through our concern, Mahtab Corporate Ltd.

We are constantly exploring further opportunities to contribute to the betterment of our country through strategic alliances with international governments.



Oil tanker trade is growing at its fastest rate in a decade with the boom in power plants in Bangladedsh, forcing the government to supply fuel very quickly to every corner of the country. Through Amanat Marine Works, we supply the government procured diesel to meet the everyday rising demand of an everyday growing nation.

Amanat Marine Works vessels rank no. 1 in trips/month among all tankers in Bangladesh.



Healthy food is key to healthy living. Our FMCG concern, KB Foods, manufactures and distributes a wide variety of premium graded rice, oil, flour, salt, sugar etc., while ensuring chemical-free organic food products for everyone.

All our external raw materials are sourced from the most reputed suppliers. You can trust in our promise to never compromise with purity and quality.



The top most priority of all of our businesses is very simple – our beloved customers. Our people work day in, day out to ensure that we provide a quality of service that can only be labelled as the best.

Throughout all of Khan Bahadur Group’s brands, our promise of premium service stays true.



Through all our years of operation, we have always stayed true to our vision to give back to the people of our country. The Khan Bahadur Foundation was established with the idea to empower the needy and underprivileged by giving them access to better education, healthcare, sanitation, training and investments.

Come join us in creating a special world for the less fortunate.