Amanat Marine Works

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AMANAT MARINE WORKS LTD is doing its part for the emerging power industry of Bangladesh by supplying the government with procured diesel to power plants situated all across the country. It currently owns several 1500 MT oil tankers that transport diesel domestically, averaging 3 trips a month to secure the no. 1 spot for trips/month among all competitors in Bangladesh. Our mission is to facilitate the growth of the power industry further while contributing as much as we can to meet the demands for the progress of our growing nation.

KHAN BAHADUR FOUNDATION runs with a vision of uplifting the most economically distressed section of the society in Bangladesh through education, income-generating skills training, healthcare delivery, improved sanitation, and support for small-scale entrepreneurial activities. Through Khan Bahadur Foundation, our organization has dedicated itself towards serving the underprivileged. Our goal is to:

Help the socially disadvantaged children obtain their right to be educated and have dreams. Assist the neediest men and women learn job skills so they can earn a living. Provide micro-capital to the poor for income generation through self-employment

Deliver healthcare and medicine to the most vulnerable sections of the society especially to expectant mothers and the newborn. Train health care workers to raise the healthcare standards of the most impoverished regions.

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