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MAHTAB CORPORATION specializes in the service of procedural management and coverage of all provisional activity for an International firm to acquire a project. International companies/firms who are interested to explore their business in Bangladesh, be it government projects or private, find that the business environment in our country is still in a developing stage and so MAHTAB CORPORATION comes into assistance to those firms to make their business process easy and settle their commerce with the utmost professionalism. When there are high risks, stakes for security or status and conventional solutions can’t get the work done, MAHTAB is there with its profound experience, political networks and multidisciplinary tactic to deliver the desired outcomes.

Protecting the brand and investment of the partners is what Mahtab does when it works on behalf of them to acquire a specific project. MAHTAB with sincerity and dedication guides their partner through complex process and bureaucracy when it comes to government projects and bears all the difficulties. Handling these hustles and bustles are a major concern to explore business here for an international firm. MAHTAB does all these intermediary works for them. MAHTAB ensures their business projects by managing the entire transitional procedure. They maintain the liaison with the project authority (Govt. /Private) as well as manage the entire procurement and bureaucratic procedure for them. There is a team to help with tender participation in terms of paper work preparation and helping with the bid bonds or bid security. MAHTAB facilitates them with a dedicated procurement team as well.

The company represents an atmosphere full of liveliness and inspiration. The drive and energy ensure its successful outcome and build trust. That’s why top professionals from around the world are affiliated with MAHTAB.

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