Shah Makhdum Modern Rice Mills

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SHAH MAKHDUM MODERN RICE MILLS, established in 2012, produces a wide range of short and long grain rice cultivated from some of the finest farms in Bangladesh. What started off as an addition to the production of Reza Cold storage in 2011, has now grown into one of the industries leading rice suppliers of Bangladesh. Our immense knowledge and experience gained over the years of operation allow us to provide our customers with premium rice at reasonable prices.

Using state-of-the-art machinery, we ensure the consistency and quality of Parboiled White Rice, Longed Grain Rice and all other forms of Bangladeshi rice, while providing effective protection from dust, grime, and moisture. We established ourselves as pioneers of the rice trading industry through the first installation of two modern grain 3000 MT paddy silos which ensures the famous golden paddy of Bangladesh is preserved in its utmost richest and purest form. We maintain an intensive network consisting of prominent dealers, wholesalers and retailers throughout Bangladesh in order to continuously strengthen our distribution channel.

Only the best and safest
premium rice
from Bangladesh